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Archive: 2002 Articles

Community Counter MoD Plans
PLANS to counter the impact of the Ministry of Defence decision to cease using West Freugh gathered pace last week ... 18 Dec 2002

Men Held on Drugs Charges
THREE Wigtownshire men have been remanded in custody charged with heroin-dealing following a series of drugs raids ... 18 Dec 2002

Work Begins on £1m Retail Development
DEMOLITION WORK began on a Stranraer town centre building this week, clearing the way for a £1 million complex ... 11 Dec 2002

Lamb Venture Success at Kirkcolm
CUDDLY LAMBS on a "virtual farm" at Kirkcolm are proving a real hit with countryside lovers worldwide ... 11 Dec 2002

Stranraer Firm to Develop Helmets
A STRANRAER company have been awarded a contract to develop one of the world's most advanced fighter aircrew helmets ... 27 Nov 2002

Golfing Breakthrough
RHINS GOLFER Euan Little is on the threshold of life in the big league ... 27 Nov 2002

Haulage Job Concerns
CONCERNS over the future of 120 jobs in Stranraer were raised this week after haulage firm Dukes were bought ... 20 Nov 2002

Stranraer Harbour Dispute Resolved
FERRY operators Stena Line and Dumfries & Galloway Council have finally settled their dispute over fees for Stranraer harbour ... 20 Nov 2002

Portpatrick Harbour Restoration
WORK will be underway on restoring Portpatrick harbour alongside a brand new heritage centre in a year's time ... 13 Nov 2002

Sweet Smell of Success
THE SWEET SMELL of success could bring up to 15 jobs to Stranraer ... 13 Nov 2002

Princess Victoria 50th Anniversary Plans
LOCAL POLITICIANS and council chiefs have met with their counterparts from across the North Channel to discuss plans for commemorating the loss of the Princess Victoria
... 06 Nov 2002

Shopping Deliveries for Elderly
SHOPPING for essential provisions can often be a difficult and exhausting job for the elderly and infirm
... 06 Nov 2002

Hunt for Bogus-Caller
POLICE want to find a bogus-caller who faked her way into a number of Stranraer houses on Monday claiming to be a Council Tax representative
... 31 Oct 2002

Stagecoach Manager Awarded MBE
LOCAL TRANSPORT STALWART Jim Thomson made a very special journey of his own last week
... 31 Oct 2002

Golfers Jackpot!!
GOLFER William McKie is just four putts away from a possible million pound jackpot
... 31 Oct 2002

Powerlifter Strikes Gold!
WIGTOWNSHIRE powerlifter Raymond Fraser has won his second world championship in four years
... 24 Oct 2002

Firefighters' Pledge
FIREFIGHTERS IN Wigtownshire "will not let the public down" during the anticipated national Fire Brigades' strike.
... 24 Oct 2002

School of the Future
SECONDARY SCHOOL PUPILS in Stranraer will have a 'school of the future' by 2008, top council officials pledged this week
... 17 Oct 2002

Curlers Resurrected
A TEAM of former European Championship curlers from Stranraer has been resurrected to represent a 'rest of the world' select against North America
... 17 Oct 2002

Operation Emporer Arrests
TWENTY-FIVE alleged drug-dealers appeared at Stranraer Sheriff Court following Operation Emperor
... 10 Oct 2002

Show Stopping Incidents
FEARS have been voiced over the future of Stranraer's Shows after a series of incidents between staff and local youths ... 10 Oct 2002

Caravan Explosion near Lochans
A MAN was flown to Glasgow Royal Infirmary in a critical condition after a caravan exploded near Lochans
... 02 Oct 2002

Wind Turbine Jobs for Stranraer
UP TO 450 JOBS could be secured if Stranraer becomes a wind turbine production site ... 02 Oct 2002

Baby Deer to cease production
BABY DEER in Stranraer, Britain's last bulk-maker of children's shoes, will cease production in a month ... 26 Sept 2002

Friday 13th experience!
A 90-YEAR-OLD council tenant has been left with no hot water or central heating after a nightmare Friday 13th experience ... 26 Sept 2002

Golden Beef Recipe
STRANRAER BUTCHER Ian Jack has struck gold with one of his beef recipes ... 19 Sept 2002

Missing Mural!
A MURAL 20 feet long by four feet high has gone missing. And no-one knows where it is ... 19 Sept 2002

Chef to the Stars
CHEF to the stars Andy Sprott has come home to Stranraer to launch his latest venture and recalled the time when he cooked for one of the most famous men in the world ... 12 Sept 2002

Award Winning Hotel
MANAGEMENT and staff at Newton Stewart's Kirroughtree House Hotel were celebrating being named Scottish Hotel of the Year in the Good Hotel Guide Cesar Awards this week.... 12 Sept 2002

Cancer Study May Mean New Facilities
A SOON-TO-BE published cancer study could lead to modern treatment
facilities being brought into Wigtownshire ... 29 Aug 2002

Buried Treasure Discovered
FIRST TIME OUT with a metal detector Christmas present, Phil Heslop
discovered buried treasure ... 29 Aug 2002

Refusal to Renew Membership
STRANRAER Football Club have refused to renew the membership of a man who branded their management committee "rotten to the core" ... 22 Aug 2002

Cows Stampede!
A HERD of around 20 cows stampeded through part of Stranraer late on Sunday night. ... 22 Aug 2002

Ship Named in Stranraer
History was made at Cairnryan Ferry Terminal on Wednesday when, for the first time, P&O named a ship at the Scottish port. Lady Susan Collins, watched by Graeme Dunlop, chairman of P&O Ferries, broke a bottle of champagne against the ship's side ... 14 Aug 2002

Transport Links Importance Acknowledged
HINTS that more money could be made available for upgrading the roads to the Lochryan ferry ports have come from a senior Scottish Executive Minister ... 14 Aug 2002

Man Airlifted to Hospital
A STRANRAER MAN was airlifted by helicopter to hospital directly from the scene of a four-vehicle crash on the A77 road north of Cairnryan on
Thursday ... 08 Aug 2002

Hopes That More Jobs Can be Saved
HOPES that more jobs on the West Freugh range can be saved have been voiced ... 08 Aug 2002

Hospital Given the All-clear!
Garrick Hospital was given the all-clear on Monday night after staff and patients were hit by diarrhoea and vomiting ... 01 Aug 2002

Man arrested for Scooter Theft!
POLICE have arrested a man in connection with the theft of a young Stranraer girl's scooter ... 01 Aug 2002

Geography Student in Modelling Contest
GORGEOUS Geography student Lisa Hendry had her sights set on a career in teaching ... 25 Jul 2002

MILITARY Test Ranges Expected to Close
MILITARY test ranges at West Freugh are expected to close by 1st April, next year, the "Free Press" understands ... 25 Jul 2002

Prize Scooter Stolen
LITTLE Mirren Hannah from Stranraer thought she was the luckiest girl in town when she won a brand new scooter on Thursday ... 18 Jul 2002

Retail Giants to Move Into Stranraer
COUNCILLORS have cleared the way for retail giants Argos, New Look and Birthdays to move into Stranraer in the new year ... 18 Jul 2002

European Highlander Vessel Arrives
P&O's brand-new European Highlander vessel arrived at her new home in Cairnryan last week ... 11 Jul 2002

New Pair of High-Flyers
STRANRAER has a new pair of high-flyers and they did it all in the name of charity! ... 11 Jul 2002

Callum is in the Zone as he meets popstar!
SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Callum Thomson was the envy of his school pals last Thursday or the girls at least!... 04 Jul 2002

It ASDA be David!
IN JUST twelve short years, a Stranraer man has risen from being a fresh-faced graduate to become an executive director of a major UK retail chain ... 04 Jul 2002

Academy pupils are ahead of their time!
A GROUP of Stranraer Academy students have become record-breakers after passing an exam designed for pupils three years older than themselves... 26 Jun 2002

Lively anti-drugs debate at Ryan Centre
ANTI-DRUGS campaigners behind this week's successful Question-Time-style debate in Stranraer have vowed to continue the fightback ... 26 Jun 2002

Service Awards Cut
BOSSES branded as Scrooges have had a change of heart over cutting expensive long-service awards ... 20 Jun 2002

New Depute Rector
STRANRAER ACADEMY’S new Depute Rector has told the “Free Press” she is “thoroughly looking forward to taking up the challenging position” ... 20 Jun 2002

New Ship Arriving
A BRAND NEW £36m SHIP will soon be arriving in Cairnryan to operate the North Channel route ... 13 Jun 2002

Invasion of Vintage Lorries
PORTPATRICK will be invaded by vintage lorries next month ... 13 Jun 2002

Inquiry Called For
A FORMER flying instructor has called for an inquiry into what he claims is the "constructive closure" of the airfield at West Freugh ... 06 Jun 2002

Bread and cheese lunch
A BREAD and cheese lunch was held at the Old Parish Church Hall, Bridge Street, Stranraer, organised by Stranraer Rotary Club, as the yearly contribution to Christian Aid Week... 06 Jun 2002

Bringing Maths to Life!
STRANRAER ACADEMY are hoping a new programme will bring conventionally “dull” Maths classes to life ... 29 May 2002

Jubilee for Stranraer Queen
Marie Paterson was only 19 years of age when she was crowned Stranraer Coronation Queen
... 29 May 2002

Award Winning School
BELMONT Primary School, Stranraer, has just received a coveted Schools’ Curriculum Award ... 23 May 2002

Gingerbread Group Gets Grant
A NEW Gingerbread Group in Stranraer will get support from a £54,831 grant to the Dumfries and Galloway Group .
.. 23 May 2002

Support for Harbour Purchase
PORTPATRICK residents came out in force to pledge their support for the local purchase of their harbour on Monday night
... 16 May 2002

MSP in Drugs Debate
MAVERICK MSP Tommy Sheridan is being lined up to appear at a question-time style drugs debate in Stranraer.
.. 16 May 2002

Goal Machine Recruited
STRANRAER goal machine Kevin Kyle has been recruited to spearhead his country's Far East tour by national football boss Berti Vogts
... 09 May 2002

Moves for Local People to Take Over Harbour
FIRST STEP in moves for local people to take over popular Portpatrick Harbour will be made next week.
... 09 May 2002

Powerlifter Makes Another Landmark
STRANRAER’S age-defying powerlifter Bill McFadyen made another landmark in his amazing career by taking gold at the World Masters’ in Texas last week
... 02 May 2002

Argos development Goes Before Local Planners
IT WILL BE JUNE at the earliest before the Argos development in Stranraer goes before local planners
... 02 May 2002

Curling Hero
ANOTHER local curling hero has brought the curtain down on a lengthy international career after taking bronze at the World Championships in America
... 25 Apr 2002

Police Step up Efforts to Cut Down Attacks
POLICE THIS WEEK stepped up their efforts to cut out the number of attacks on women by handing out pocket-sized alarms to pupils at Stranraer Academy
... 25 Apr 2002

Supermarkets in England to Sell Stranraer Cheese
CHEESE from The Caledonian Creamery in Stranraer will soon be on sale at 125 Netto discount supermarkets in England
... 18 Apr 2002

Wedding Taken to Granny
JULIE RUTHERFORD wanted her granny at her wedding
... 18 Apr 2002

Village Development
LESWALT HAS BEEN chosen for an ambitious £800,000 charity village development
... 11 Apr 2002

Mum Joins Pipe Band
KEEP it in the family is the motto as far as the McKay family of Stranraer are concerned
... 11 Apr 2002

Bowler to Carry Commonwealth Baton
BOWLER Kathleen Stevenson has been chosen to carry the Commonwealth baton on part of its journey to Manchester to the Commonwealth Games
... 04 Apr 2002

Tourism is Recovering
TOURISM in Wigtownshire is recovering after the disastrous downturn last year caused by the foot-and-mouth epidemic
... 04 Apr 2002

Cash Reward Offered
A DISGUSTED Stranraer resident has put up a cash reward in a bid to catch thugs who stoned a swan to death at the weekend ..
. 28 Mar 2002

Transplant Changes Life
CHRISTINE BELL was told she had just two months to live - and that was four years ago ..
. 28 Mar 2002

Frantic Guinea Pig Owner
James Mills had to call in the experts - after his randy rodents threatened to breed out of control ..
. 21Mar 2002

Scottish Schools champions
CURLERS from Stranraer Academy have been crowned Scottish Schools champions ..
. 21Mar 2002

British Science Week
REPHAD SCHOOL PUPILS were calling all stations last week, during a unique project as part of British Science Week ..
. 14 Mar 2002

Farm Animals for Adoption on the Internet
KIRKCOLM FARMER Robert Parker has grasped the bull by the horns in a revolutionary drive to modernise farming by offering his farm animals for adoption on the internet ..
. 14 Mar 2002

Local Gardener in Top 10
GREEN-FINGERED student Stuart Campbell just missed out on the honours at a top gardening contest in Glasgow ..
. 06 Mar 2002

Academy Students in Parliament
FOUR Stranraer Academy students are off to London later this month for an insiders look at Parliament ... 06 Mar 2002

"Two Thousand Acres of Sky" will return
IT'S OFFICIAL - popular drama series "Two Thousand Acres of Sky" will return to the nation's television screens for a third series
... 28 Feb 2002

Sea Angler to Take on Rest of the World
STRANRAER sea angler Billy Russell will soon be taking on the rest of the world at his favourite sporting past-time
... 28 Feb 2002

Stranraer Marina Development
A MARINA development in Stranraer will be high on the agenda for the next meeting of the Small Towns Initiative board
... 21 Feb 2002

Storm Damage in Drumore
FIERCE waves battered the seawall near Drummore over the past fortnight, causing nearly £100,000 worth of damage
... 21 Feb 2002

Third Series for 2000 Acres
BBC chiefs are expected to give the nod soon to a third series of the hit programme "Two Thousand Acres of Sky"
... 18 Feb 2002

Dream of Playing for Scotland
SHIRE RUGBY FANATIC Bruce McNeil is hoping a six weeks trip to New Zealand will help him to achieve his dream of playing for Scotland
... 18 Feb 2002

Major Step Forward For Sports Complex
AMBITIONS for a multi-million pounds sports complex in Stranraer have taken a major step forward
... 07 Feb 2002

Up to Eight Drivers to be Recruited
ULSTERBUS are looking to recruit between seven and eight drivers
... 07 Feb 2002

Busy Bees Thank You
CHILDREN at the Busy Bees Nursery this week said a big "thank you" to readers of the "Free Press"
... 30 Jan 2002

Rugby Stars in Kilts
TWENTY-SEVEN extremely burly French rugby stars will be backing their international team against Scotland at Murrayfield in March — dressed in kilts hired in Stranraer
... 30 Jan 2002

Life-time's Ambition Fulfilled
POPULAR local man Arthur Hastie fulfilled a life-time's ambition last week when he went up, up and away for a bird's-eye view of his home territory
...24 Jan 2002

New Invention unveiled
A NEW INVENTION was unveiled on Monday by a father and son from Lochans - and it could prove to be a life-saver
...24 Jan 2002

A Royal Appointment
MRS Veronica Ferguson, who is married to James Ferguson, a grandson of the late Captain James and Mrs May Ferguson, of Stranraer,. has been appointed surgeon oculist to the Royal Household
...17 Jan 2002

Revolutionary Window to be Unveiled
A REVOLUTIONARY WINDOW, which could save thousands of lives, invented by a Lochans man, is to be unveiled next week
...17 Jan 2002

Replacement for the Garrick Hospital
GO-AHEAD for Stranraer's £6.3 million replacement for the Garrick Hospital has been given by the Scottish Executive
...10 Jan 2002

Royal Air Force Champion Piper of 2001
STRANRAER MAN Sergeant Sandy Dalziel is now the Royal Air Force Champion Piper of 2001.
...10 Jan 2002

Food Producers Share Cash
TWO GALLOWAY food producers are among 27 companies sharing £5.5 million of Scottish Executive cash
...03 Jan 2002

Worst Dental Provisions in the Country
STRANRAER has one of the worst dental provisions in the country with all the NHS lists closed in the town and the private service in no better state
...03 Jan 2002

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