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Galloway Gardens - botanic gardens in the south west of Scotland
galloway gardens
Galloway GardensCastle Kennedy Gardens

Thanks to its unique geographical position which allows the warm breezes of the Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico to pass through our region, Wigtownshire has some of the most beautiful, diverse and spectacular gardens within Scotland.

Plants and flowers which are unable to grow in many other locations in Scotland flourish within our warm ocean air and palm trees and giant rhubarb grow side by side with fruits and other exotic plants.

Logan Botanic Gardens

Formal gardens, walled gardens, tropical gardens, romantic castle ruins and gardens with sea views are all here for the visitor to enjoy throughout the year.

Many of the gardens have nurseries which will enable you to take home a unique piece of Wigtownshire as you will undoubtly be inspired to create your own horticultural paradise upon returning home. Advice from the Gardening Experts is also on hand in case of any questions!

Recommended Galloway Gardens:


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