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Strenraer Portpatrick Cairnryan

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We would like to offer any company in the Stranraer, Portpatrick and Cairnryan area its own web page for just £75.

This £75 Web page will take the form of a template site that will be completed with your business details as returned on the accompanying form.

Your web site address will then be

Please complete the form below and follow the instructions at the foot of the screen. Fields marked in * bold must be filled in.

(80 characters max)

(Recommended size 50-100 words, maximum 300 words)

1 6
2 7
3 8
4 9
5 10

Payment Methods Accepted:

Style of Webpage Template *
Please choose one of the colour choices shown:

template one

template two

template three
template four

template five

You will be invoiced for £75 on receipt of this form – your page will not be developed until payment has been received. When sending payment, please also enclose a photograph or company logo that you wish to appear on your web page.

Data Protection Act 1984
I understand that any information that I provide will be held by STI on computer and used in an electronic business directory on the STI web site. Details will also be used on any CD-ROM or Printed directory that may be produced by STI or their partners.

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