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LISTED ON THE OUTLINE MAP below are 14 of the best shore and 5 of the top boat marks. This is not to say there are no others but these marks are more easily accessible. Click on the image below for a larger view >>

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When you arrive home you can reminisce about that day when you caught your first ever Tope or Bass, or the time when you had your best ever day of Pollock fishing on the rocks at Portlogan, or was it that potential Scottish record Bullhuss that shook its head and disappeared into the surf just as you where about to land it on the shores of Lochryan....

Whatever it is we look forward to seeing and welcoming you when you visit our own little Angler's Paradise.

sea angling at killantringan shorelineFELLOW ANGLERS, we invite you to sample some of the best Sea Angling you have possibly only ever dreamt about here in the Rhins Peninsula on the beautiful South West Coast of Scotland.

IN THIS PART of the country we have some of the finest Sea Angling Scotland has to offer with no less that 20 Scottish Records coming from these waters. Included on the list are the current Scottish Shore Tope record - a 54lb fish caught in Lochryan and the Scottish Boat record Thornback Ray of 29lb 8oz caught in the famous Luce Bay renowned for it's fantastic boat fishing as it holds many different species of fish.

FANTASTIC Pollock are to be had from some of the excellent rock marks especially at areas such as Portlogan and Ardwell back shore rocks, where incidentally the Scottish Shore Bass record of 15lb came from. These areas regularly produce double figure Pollock as well as other species such as Wrasse, Cod, Lesser Spotted Dogfish and Coalfish.

PERHAPS you would like to try your hand at some first class Tope fishing out of the Mull of Galloway or Luce Bay where the shark congregate in numbers during the summer months, feeding on the shoals of Mackerel and Herring peaking around September when they are most prolific - the best chance for a Scottish record.

THE RHINS Peninsula boasts a wide variety of species for the visiting Sea Angler including Bass, Bullhuss, Conger, Tope, Thornback Ray, Pollock, Plaice, Cod, Wrasse, Tub Gurnard, Coalfish, Lesser Spotted Dogfish, Whiting and Dabs - so you can be sure you will be kept busy.

sea angling - eric mcleanFOR THE BOAT ANGLER there are numerous wrecks scattered around our coastline to test your skills and try for a record catch.

LOCAL hospitality and a warm welcome are renowned in our area and the local population are always more than willing to assist you whether it be wanting to know about local fishing marks or any other queries you may have.

Local angling club, Lochryan Sea Angling Association, have the rights for digging the local Lugworm beds. Any angler should only take enough for a day's fishing. By doing this they are ensuring that there will be enough bait in this area for future generations.

THE SPORTS Shop in Stranraer is where you will find proprietor and accomplished Sea Angler Eric McLean who will be only too glad to assist you in any queries you may have. He caters for all types of angling and shooting and has a very extensive range of stock for the visiting Sea Angler. Tel: 01776 702705

WITHOUT a doubt, the best all-round bait in the Rhins Peninsula is Sandeel. Other baits include Lugworm, Ragworm and Mackerel which is widely available in the summer months.

SOME local anglers belive there is nothing to beat a fresh strip of Mackerel for the bigger Pollock that frequent the many rock marks during the months of June, July, August. The best method is a running ledger rig with a small 1/2oz ball weight cast out and retrieved slowly over the kelp beds. Avoid getting too deep as this will result in you getting snagged up.