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Dramatic Backdrop
by Sharon Liptrott, Dumfries and Galloway Standard - 3 January 2003

Two Thousand Acres of Sky is back on our television screens. It has won the hearts of viewers across Britain and in Australia - where it is now being shown - who have warmed to the life-changing courage of Abby (Michelle Collins), her children and best friend Kenny (Paul Kaye) moving to Ronansay for a better future.

In this new series, the family have become part of the local community struggling to survive on a tiny isolated island against 21st century odds.

Ida & Malcolm CampbellThere are a number of new characters to spice up the storylines and a dramatic conclusion to Abby and Kenny's "will they or won't they" relationship which has kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Other storylines include the emotional issues of birth and death, postnatal depression and a naked swim, partings and reunions but the one which will thrill Dumfries and Galloway natives is the arrival of a prize bull - a Belted Galloway. The Beltie is yet another link to the region in which the series is filmed.

Always with a thread of humour in the storyline, the new series brings romance for Marjorie McGowan played by Elaine C Smith.

Renowned as a comedy actress and know to millions as the long-suffering wife of Rab C Nesbitt, Elaine has enjoyed playing a "straight" character.

"It was strange seeing myself on screen as Marjorie though I think I look like Kathy Bates in the film Misery. Even some of my friends think I am brave to look like that on screen! But I've thoroughly enjoyed myself - especially filming somewhere so stunning".