MICHELLE COLLINS says that filming in Port Logan and Portpatrick has changed her and she has come to love the area.

"I am probably a lot calmer because on that wonderful location, there is time to be you - there is no retail therapy, no trendy coffee bars.

"It's lovely to get away from this obsession with celebrity, to walk along the beach and feel the fresh air - you can be completely lost in your thoughts. It's an inspiring place."


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the location

The village of Ronansay, is a fictional one and the filming of the series actually took place in Port Logan and Portpatrick.

photo of the Inn at Port LoganOn working in the picturesque west coast, Michelle Collins comments:

"Port Logan is a stunning spot with loads of atmosphere - it's really quite breathtaking. I loved being part of that ..."

Since television crews set up camp in Dumfries and Galloway to make the hit BBC drama Two Thousand Acres of Sky there has been a major economy boost for the region.

Michelle Collins and Paul KayeThe production company alone has spent almost £2 million ... and thousands more have been spent by visitors coming to Dumfries and Galloway after seeing the area on TV.

The television company were initially criticised for trying to hide the filming location from the rest of the world by not listing the actual location in the end credits of each programme.

And it has taken a while for fans to realise that instead of being filmed on a tiny island in the Outer Hebrides - as it appears on Two Thousand Acres of Sky - it is filmed a few miles from Scotland's most Southerly point, the Mull of Galloway.